Services are the core of eccounting solutions. Our goal is to work with you to strive for and achieve your business objectives. By taking a personalized approach to each of our projects we are able to custom tailor our proven methodology to best suit your needs. This approach allows us to work with you to drive the project to completion on time and on budget. eccounting solutions offers the following services:

Implementation Services

Our implementation lifecycle is comprised of three phases: System Design, System Configuration and System Execution. Central to our methodology is a strong emphasis on project quality assurance that focuses our implementation to meet and exceed the key objectives of your business.

Our Implementation Methodology

  • System Design
    • Project Definition
      A successful implementation requires the proper degree of planning. During this initial phase of the implementation, eccounting solutions will work with you to clearly define all aspects of the project and provide a project-planning workshop. Leveraging our experience, eccounting solutions will work with you to define a comprehensive implementation process that is custom-tailored to your needs.
    • Technology Environment Review
      As Microsoft Certified Partners, we will work with your Information Technology staff to determine your technology infrastructure needs.
    • System Installation
      Working in with your Information Technology staff, eccounting solutions will install, test and optimize the required software. Monitoring and backup procedures will be established to detect and mitigate system issues.
    • Business Process Review
      A comprehensive review of current business processes is critical to the success of the implementation and will afford a company an opportunity to evaluate and refine its current business practices. eccounting solutions will work with your project team to:
      • Establish procedures leveraging industry best practices
      • Assess management reporting requirements
      • Identify and analyze potential system integration points
      • Evaluate the need for custom development
      With our extensive industry knowledge and systems expertise we will assist you in maximizing your return on investment.
    • Project Team Training
      In conjunction with the Business Process Review, Project Team Training enables the key users of the system to review the capabilities of the software and apply them to the needs of the business. This process will empower the project team to make informed decisions regarding the overall design and architecture of the system.
  • System Configuration
    • Application Setup
      During this step we begin to implement key configuration decisions made during the system design phase.
    • System Procedures
      In today's fast-changing environment, well-documented policies and procedures are a critical business practice. Our team can facilitate and help you formalize written procedures to assist your personnel and make efficient use of your new system.
    • System Customization and Integration
      Using the information collected from the business process review, any system customizations and/or custom integration with other systems are developed.
    • Custom Report Development
      Using the information collected from the business process review, any required report customizations are developed.
    • Data Conversion
      Data conversion is the process of migrating your current system data into the new system environment. The level of detail that is converted depends upon several key business factors. We will work with your project team to develop the right data conversion strategy for you.
  • System Execution
    • Application Testing
      As a test of both the system configuration and business processes, an acceptance test is used to determine that the system functions appropriately prior to the system deployment date.
    • End User Training
      End user training is performed as close to the deployment date as possible. Our staff will assist your team in defining training requirements and developing an approach to training your end user community.
    • System Deployment
      Our team will assist you during this important phase of the system implementation.

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Support Services

eccounting solutions provides a broad range of system support services. As experts in our field, eccounting solutions provides timely and accurate personalized customer service. Annual maintenance plans as well as on demand support provide flexibility to match your company's support needs. Support is available for the following business solutions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For more information on our support services please contact:

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Custom Development & Integration

We realize that all businesses are not created equal. The optimal software solution for a company often eludes the packaged systems in the marketplace. In this case, the best answer may require custom development. eccounting solutions can provide fully integrated solutions tailored to your needs. Our development team uses the latest technology to keep you ahead of your competitors including:

  • Microsoft Visual C# .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  • SQL Server
  • Dynamics SL SDK (formerly Solomon Tools for Visual Basic)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

System Integration

eccounting solutions also knows that not all businesses are best served by a single software solution. However, the advantages gained by taking a 'best of market' approach are often offset by the inability for these separate systems to communicate. eccounting solutions development team provides integration expertise that will allow these systems to efficiently work together to leverage the strengths of each system without compromising data integrity or creating process inefficiencies.

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