iReports is a powerful, entirely web-based business intelligence application that will allow you to maximize your technology investment. Companies make significant capital investments in order to capture vast amounts of data, and often do not have an efficient mechanism for organizing and delivering information. iReports is designed to integrate all of your company information into a single, virtual database. It is through iReports that users can access this critical information, in a variety of formats, such as iReports Drill Down Analysis, iReport Export Manager and Crystal Reports.

iReports also provides the ability to administer your reports via the web. Through our Site Administration tools you can manage report security (user and user groups), maintain your report definitions, and manage the site through our usage monitor.

iReports Drill Down Capabilities
iReports has been designed to allow quick and easy access to the data that you need. With iReports Drill Down Analysis, get to the data you need faster through our interactive drill down wizard.

The iReports Drill Down Viewer allows users to re-sort and filter reports on demand. Simply click on a column heading and your data will be re-sorted.

The iReports Drill Down wizard provides the capability of creating your own customized management reports. Through our Web Site Administration you will have the ability to link your reports together in order to provide meaningful drill down analysis. There is no limit to the number of drill down levels used within iReports.

Click here to preview an iReports Result Set

iReports Data Mining
iReports provides the capability of creating your own data sets based upon pre-defined data sources. Users choose columns of data to include, sorting and filtering criteria, and may even grant access to other users. iReports allows users to to aggregate data (summarize) without requiring any programming. iReports allows users to create Pivot Tables by using a wizard-like interface.

iReports Export Manager
With iReports you don't need to be a programmer or DBA in order to extract data. Use the iReports Export Manager to choose the information you need and export directly to Microsoft Excel through your web browser. Additionally, the iReports Export Manager allows you to employ Pivot Tables in order to summarize your data.

iReports Web Forms
iReports not only allows you to view your company information in a logical, well organized manner, but also provides the ability to build your data entry forms. Use iReports Web Forms to build your web-based data collection forms.

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iReports Report Scheduling
iReports provides the capability of creating a report generation and delivery schedule. Simply indicate the frequency and distribution list, and iReports will take care of the rest. iReports works with your internal e-mail system to distribute the reports in HTML format. With report scheduling, users do not have to run reports on their own, iReports will generate and distribute the report automatically.

Crystal Reports Execution
iReports provides the capability of executing Crystal Reports version via the web. With iReports you can utilize your existing Crystal reports and deploy them through the iReports interface. iReports will handle any selection criteria needed to execute your Crystal reports (such as report dates, etc) including the ability to provide dynamic selection criteria.

Supported Data Sources
iReports has the ability to communicate with most relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Pervasive.SQL, dBase, etc. Use our database management capabilities to manage your connections to these data sources. On-line database documentation is also available for any custom procedure or view development.

iReports Tree-Structured Menus
iReports provides for a tree-structured menu system, tailored to your organization. Navigate quickly to the report you wish to execute.

iReports Site Monitoring
iReports will carefully monitor all user activities occurring on the site through the iReports Usage Monitor. The usage monitor logs every report or web form execution, and provides a series of cues that allow the site administrator to monitor activity. iReports also provides an on-line report request center so that users requests can be consolidated in one central location.

iReports Security Management
Create your own users and user groups within iReports in order to manage report security. All iReports functions are subject to your custom-defined security rules.